Vertical Bar


The Vertical Bar of Grip and Bend Italia is a loading rod which is grasped directly on its core, with a thickness of 50 mm (2”). There is therefore a strong isometric contraction of the hand, which engages the grip in its entirety. However, you will need a particularly strong thumb to tighten the other fingers together with this pole which will easily tend to run away. With heavy loads this lifting will become tough also for the back.


Technical execution:

The lifting of the Vertical Bar is very intuitive and without frills. Few constraints will have to be respected during the lift. You should not touch the weight and the limb engaged in lifting with the body. The bar can be raised at any point, as long as you do not touch the weight loaded on it with your hand. Wrists or bandages are not allowed, but only the use of chalk powder. If there are no lift delimiters, you will need to extend your legs and back and refer to arbitrage.

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