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The GBI project was born from an ardent passion for a branch of strength training for a small number of amateurs.

Let’s talk about the Old Time Strongman, a discipline with a long history behind it that sees in it a further aspect dedicated to the strength of the hands, the latter as a tool to perform gestures of incredible and surreal strength.

A world almost completely unknown in Italy and that the authors of GBI dream of seeing grow and establish themselves in their own country. We want to be the spark that will ignite the passion in those who will look curiously into this fascinating field of training.

Inside the site you will find everything you need to increase the strength of your hands, forearms and their development, but also to succeed in something that you once thought impossible.

The information will also be useful for those who simply want to enhance their grip for work, functional, or simply to improve in sports where the hands are of primary importance, such as: rockers, motorcyclists, wrestlers, rugby players, wrestlers, tennis players, martial arts practitioners, etc …

You can consult topics, training programs, videos, tutorials or request customized programs. In short, if you want strength and power in your hands, this is the place for you!

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