Safety Notions

Bending is the extreme sport in the world of grip. Fun and satisfying for sure, but at the same time it involves risks that should not be underestimated!

With the bending you can scratch yourself, cut deeply, compress nerves and injure the tendons!

Take the following tips to train safely:

  • – Always warm up well at a generic level (heart rhythm) and at a specific level (shoulders, arms, forearms, wrists and hand).
  • – Always use suitable protective bands (pads), tightening them firmly and fixing them with tight elastic bands.
  • – Gradually increase work tensions, avoid too much explosiveness, especially in the first moments of training.
  • – Try to maintain a correct back posture and always contract the abdominal muscles well to give firmness and firmness to your body.
  • – Stretch at the end of the session and during recovery days.


NB: The steel of the bars can sometimes yield in moments of extreme bending, especially in that phase called crush, where you try to compress the two ends to give the “U” shape. In this phase, avoid too much proximity of the hands to the neck area, so as to minimize the risk of injury.


The authors of Gripebenditalia invite you to become aware of the above recommendations and do not assume responsibility for improper use or damage caused during training.

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