Global Ranking 2022

11 January 2023 - Ore 16:07

The Global Ranking consists of three classifications which, through a scoring and calculation system, assigns the athlete a value in the three relative specialties, namely: Maximum lifting, repetitions and timed hold. This will determine the strongest, toughest and most well-rounded athletes using GBI equipment! The purpose of this ranking is to motivate the athlete to always give their best in each test, giving the possibility to bring out the strongest athlete in a complete way and not specifically with a single lift. Every year we will elect the most deserving, delivering a certificate that certifies the result, thus rewarding the first three places in the three categories. So here are the names of the deserving athletes of the Grip and Bend Italia circuit! CONGRATULATIONS!

Global Ranking For Max

1) Nick Greppi
2) Arto Joronen
3) Stefan Falke
Global Ranking For Reps
1) Nick Greppi
2) Roman Yanishev
3) Manuel Pieroni
Global Ranking for Hold
1) Stefan Falke
2) Manuel Pieroni
3) Aroto Joronen
Global Ranking for max Female
1) Jördis Gronka
2) Patricia Luxner
3) Emily Schneider

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