The Staff

Giorgio Giannico
Lover of the world of Strength and in particular of the Old Time Strongman, of Grip Sport and Armwrestling. He has collaborated with the Project InVictus website, ItalianMuscles, Strongman Italia and was a columnist for Olympian's News magazine.
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Fabrizio Caracciolo
Developer, specialized in the creation of websites and web applications. Creator and manager of the website and the GBI App. Passionate about Body Building, Box and Grip Training.
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Nick Greppi
Strongman, Gripsport and Bending enthusiast. He loves the poetic side of the Force, on which he strongly depends. Indispensable graphic support for GBI, columnist and visionary proposer of challenges.
Nico Oliveto

Nico Oliveto, forged by the manual work of a lifetime, is passionate about grip sport and bending, becoming an insatiable steel bender, with great performances in braced bending and snapping.
All-round Oldtime Strongman.
Tireless hand in Grip Sport, he has always represented GBI in international online circuits, especially in the Crabhold rankings. He is also passionate about arm wrestling, where every shot puts his soul into it!

Manuel Pieroni

Manuel Pieroni, called “Hurricane” due to his stormy nature and his energetic nature. Born to crush and destroy everything that comes his way, he thrives on extreme performance, pain and steel. Known and appreciated all over the world for its very high levels of strength in the grip and wrists. Oldtime Strongman, Passionate Bender and Armwrestler.

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