Solid Rolling Handle

The Solid Rolling Handle (SRH) of Grip e Bend Italia is a handle with a very large handle (60 mm) and with, in particular, the ability to rotate freely (loose) with an almost zero level of friction. This structural condition implies a considerable difficulty in retaining the lifted weight, since once the load has been detached from the ground, the force of gravity will tend to open the hand engaged in this test. Being the position of the hand outside the circumference of the cylinder, there will be a rotary moment of the cylinder which will tend to extend the flexion of the wrist and bring the hand to its weakest position of restraint, as can be seen in the following drawing:

In the following figure, on the other hand, you can see the various forces involved during this presumably simple lifting:

These are very simplified and deliberately non-technical notions, but they are intended to make the reader understand the difficulties offered by this tool.



Technical execution:

The cylinder of the SRH must be grasped with the thumb in opposition and so that the hand does not touch the frame. It should be kept parallel to the floor and it is preferable that the middle finger of the hand is in line with the loading hook of the loading pin. During lifting, the engaged limb must not touch the body. It will be allowed to start with a flexed wrist. Wrists or bandages are not allowed, but only the use of chalk powder. If there are no lift delimiters, you will need to extend your legs and back and refer to arbitrage.

In conclusion, like many equipment that has to do with the grip, hands with longer fingers and wider palms will be an advantage in terms of lifted load, because these will offer greater friction in retaining weight.

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