PinchKiller Challenge

25 June 2022 - Ore 16:51

PinchKiller Challenge


The challenge is to lift a monolithic (or equivalent 50mm block of any brand) with one hand, and pass it from hand to hand as many times as possible.


1- After having grasped the Monolithic with one hand, the other must move away for a few moments, bringing it more or less to the level of the shoulder to validate the repetition

2- The transition period in which the Monolithic is held with both hands must not last more than 3 seconds

3- In addition to the GBI monolith, it is possible to use any 50mm pinch block (in this case, a thickness measurement by gauge is required)

4- As for other online competitions, the athlete must clearly frame the instrument used and weigh everything at the end of the test.

DURATION From today until September 30th

The first three classified will receive a certificate that will remember the result achieved in this challenge.


The weight used must be chosen according to the category in which you want to compete, which for this event will be three.

The tolerance for the chosen category will be – 50 g if it falls below the category threshold. In excess, only the weights of the belonging category will be considered. Example: category 20 kg, weight used 23 kg x 7 reps. It will turn out to be 20kg x 7 reps.


AMATEUR -> 20kg

ADVANCED -> 30kg

PRO -> 40 kg

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and adds the hashtag: #gbipinchkiller.


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