Mega Hub

The Mega Hub of Grip and Bend Italia is a tool that is grasped by its circular part. This shape tends to simulate a gesture of strength that originates from the United States, where very powerful athletes, such as John Grimek, demonstrate the strength of their hands by lifting a 45-pound Ivanko plate, grasping it (with one hand) from the central hub. As simple a lift may seem, it actually requires a lot of thumb force, which few people can possess without specific training.



Technical execution:

The Mega Hub will be gripped perpendicularly above its circumference, bringing the ends of the fingers into contact with the square plate, as shown in the upper photo. Each hand will have its own comfort and positioning of the fingers, provided that the palm of the hand does not come in any way in contact with the cylindrical part.

During lifting, the engaged limb must not touch the body. If there are no lift delimiters, you will need to extend your legs and back and refer to arbitrage.


MegaHub THP (Two Hands Pinch)

Sirko Petermann


The MegaHub in the THP version involves lifting the tool through the double pinch on the side edges of the hub. A demanding test that requires strength and mastery in the management of a difficult tool to lift.


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