Hand Grippers

Hand Grippers are probably the most popular grip training tool known universally. There are countless varieties on the market, but too often uninformed people let themselves be duped by cheap springs, training only for those who wake up from a coma that lasted years.

Here’s how a serious hand gripper doesn’t have to be:

Once you have recognized the enemy, stay away from it and rather start getting yourself a well-made hand gripper that should look like this:

So sturdy spring, aluminum handles with excellent knurling to escape as little as possible from the hands. The brands on the market are different, such as: GBI, CoC Ironmind, HG Heavy Grippers, BB Beef Builder, RB Robert Baraban, GHP Gillingham High Performance, Silvis, Animal Hunter, Silarukov, Python Grip FBBC Fat Bastard Barbell Co, Atomgripz , Vulcan Hand Gripper (David Horne), GOG Gods of Grip and Jujimufu’s GripGenie.

This short article is intended to be just a quick overview for those who are not well versed in the subject and are approaching grip sport in general, so for more information on hand grippers, I invite you to read the article “The magic world of grippers “and to use a handy tutorial to understand how to best use a hand gripper, I invite you to see my video at this link:

“How to set up a gripper”:

That said, the Grippers have springs of different thicknesses to offer different levels of difficulty, almost always expressed in pounds and starting from a base of 100lb, to go up from fifty to fifty up to about 400 lb. They are an excellent tool for integrating grip enhancement within your workouts. It is often believed that doing deadlifts, pull-ups and rowing can be training for grip strength, in part it is so, but the dynamic component of training is neglected, that complete range of motion that involves the entire muscles well. Would you train the other muscles by doing isometric work only and exclusively? I suppose not, so you have to think about the grip as you think about the other muscle groups!

                                                                                                  Giorgio Giannico

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