Armwrestling Workshop by Ermes Gasparini

2 July 2022 - Ore 0:22

Armwrestling Workshop by Ermes Gasparini.

We all know the maxim “the train passes only once”, ready to admonish us when, taken by the indecision of a choice, we prevaricate with the risk that this train will pass, leaving us only the dust of its fast going. Well, like thunder out of the blue, my dear friend Antonio Colucci announces the presence of the champion Ermes Gasparini in our beloved Puglia, asking me if I could organize a meeting with the champion in just three days! That was the train that I heard whistling nearby, on which I jumped in order not to risk losing it! For those unfamiliar with the world of arm wrestling, Ermes Gasparini would be the equivalent of Maradona in football. One of the strongest Italian terrorist arms ever, he began his career at a young age, climbing year after year to increasingly important peaks, winning the world title four times and the European title several times, beating historical names in the world arm wrestling ! Here is a video I recommend watching:


The workshop takes shape.

What better idea than a workshop that unites inexperienced athletes with more advanced ones, giving the opportunity to listen to theory and apply this to the table? A meeting from which interesting ideas can be drawn, for their training and for the most suitable technique for each one. As well as the possibility of having fun with Grip Sport tools, as these affect the grip and show those present the affinity with the arm wrestling. And then Grip and Bend Italia takes the field, via a poster launched on social media, myriads of messages sent on whatsapp and the blessing of the President Claudio Rizza and the S.B.F.I. so that everything can go well. The Workshop had started, there was nothing left but to wait for the Champion!



Technique, table applications, training methodology.

Welcomed with great warmth (it was almost 40 ° C) and enthusiasm on the part of those present, Ermes began his workshop with professionalism, ranging from the fundamentals of adequate nutrition for the objectives of a terrorist arm, to the right positioning at the table in based on subjective qualities. Emphasis on the role of the hand in controlling the shot in the various techniques, moving on to the use and positioning of the straps. Later a lot was said about the muscles involved in the various shots and how to make them work at their best and much more, up to spending some pleasant time on gossip in the world of international armwrestling.


For all present, the qualities that the sample manifests are clearly evident, that is, great humility and total availability, which make the hours of the workshop fly away quickly, with laughter, jokes and moments of sharing by everyone. The following photos tell very well what has just been said:

At the end of the rich workshop, it is time for Grip Sport, lifting Grip and Bend Italia equipment, but also touching training products from various parts of the world. Obviously, even in this sector, Ermes showed great qualities and a truly impressive grip, recognizing, at the same time, the difficulties offered by these tools, with the most disparate and difficult shapes to manage. Once this splendid opportunity is concluded for those present, a certificate of participation is issued, which will remember over time the unforgettable day lived.



At the end.

And it could only end in a spectacular way a more unique than rare experience, ending up all around one table to dine with the wonderful Tarantina puccia, in eating which Ermes distinguished himself for quantity!

The best time.

There was a moment, on this day, that repaid me for all my efforts and satisfied even more to have a champion of the caliber of Ermes Gasparini at home, that is to see the reaction of a very young athlete of sixteen meeting the his idol. His name is Alessio, who trains hard at his table with a printed image of Hermes in front of him, dreaming of reaching his power and physicality. Well, seeing the emotion of Alessio and his parents present is a joy that cannot be explained with words.


Nothing would have happened without the opportunity offered by Antonio Colucci di Fasano, whom I sincerely thank. Thanks to Hermes for giving us a lot of his time, with sincere friendship and spontaneity. You are great indeed! Thanks to Gloria for accompanying him and joining the party. Thanks to all the guys who came from all over Puglia, enjoying a chance that doesn’t come easily! Thanks to my wife Virginia who always supports me. To my cousin Gabriele, always fundamental. To fraternal Nico Oliveto who improved the workshop by bringing his table. Thanks to Nick Greppi for the magnificent certificate. Thanks to S.B.F.I. which supports and spreads the Popeye in Italy.

Giorgio Giannico

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