2 Inch Thumbless Curl Challenge

12 July 2021 - Ore 18:14

A new challenge launched by GBI took place in May 2021, which consisted of lifting a two-inch (50 mm) loading pin by grab it without using the thumb and with the arm bent in a curl of about 90 ° , subsequently modified with fewer restrictions on arm flexion to make the feat more feasible and less restrictive. The challenge launched has expanded like wildfire, involving 17 countries around the world for a total of over 70 participants! A great commitment for me, but also a great satisfaction to be the glue that unites countries and cultures from a distance, to give the maximum in a simple but highly motivating sporting gesture! Also in this challenge it was possible to observe great gestures of strength that pushed the athletes to give more than 100% to overcome their limits! Coming to truly amazing loads! So congratulations to those who participated to have fun and put themselves to the test by winning first of all sportsmanship! See you at the next challenge !!!



Here is the absolute female and male ranking:


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